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more lurve for Asterios Polyp!

what Kevin Fenton said.

i am still plotting my AP tattoo, in case you were wondering.

an open love letter for THE ILLUMINATION

dear Kevin Brockmeier,

i love your new book. i love the disparate voices you’ve woven together. i love, particularly, Camarie and the Creep Equation. i love the way you’ve made me reconsider my notions of pain and beauty. i love the way i recognize the bookstores that Nina Poggione visits on tour, and i love that i’ve worked at one of them. i love the books inside of the book. i love the specificity with which injuries are identified and cataloged. i love how terrified i am of Brother Ryan’s take on God. i love the way that i’ve been examining the paper-cut on my thumb all day, waiting for it to shine. i love that i don’t feel the slightest bit bad for Todd Rosenthal. i love the way you convince me that, even if the world around us changes dramatically, we will all still be the same. i love that, come February, i will be able to share my love with customers until they either run away or buy the book just to shut me up.



twitter sabbatical: the update

as i mentioned on my tumblr, i am taking a twitter sabbatical.

you hear a lot about twitter addiction, and people needing to detox, etc. i’m not really thinking of it that way — more like, there’s an overwhelming amount of new information in my life right now, what with moving and other big changes, and twitter (being all about NEW INFORMATION EVERY MILLISECOND) is a bit too much at the moment. also i think i am DOIN IT RONG in a few ways, and need to mull over that. so while i love teh twitterz, and all my tweeting friends, i started a sabbatical a week or so ago that will last (in all likelihood) through the holidays.

in case you’re wondering, it’s going pretty well. i’m finding that, while i do miss certain people and conversations, there are so many other ways to connect that there hasn’t been any serious withdrawal. none of them quite match twitter for convenience (with the possible exception of tumblr, except that it’s being a jerk right now and giving me errors every five seconds, but then again twitter does that a lot too, it just has a fail whale instead of a message so maybe i shouldn’t be too hard on them) but this is just a sabbatical, so i feel safe knowing that they’ll still be there when i get back.

and my online life has definitely become easier to manage. i was finding that email and other more-in depth conversations were suffering from lack of attention and focus. twitter is so easy — it takes seconds to reply to something, maybe minutes to peruse your feed, whereas emails, blog posts, articles, etc. take a more serious effort of thought and time. and they weren’t getting it. probably because while twitter takes seconds, if you’re me you check it more frequently than you check just about anything else, so those seconds add up. so the goal of the sabbatical — to refocus and get my internet life back on track — is being met.

still formulating thoughts on exactly how/why twitter has gotten overwhelming and/or unmanageable, but when i have it sorted out you’ll be the first to know.

in which i am confused

hey, internet, can we talk for a minute? about Scott Pilgrim? because i feel like i’m missing something here.

let me see if i’ve got this. lots of folks i know are fans. of the series, and the movie. both of which have some nifty video game elements involved, and some fun simultaneous potshots at/celebrations of garage bands. and we like Scott Pilgrim, the character. right?

that last bit is where i’m getting stuck. i just read the first volume. and, yeah. Scott is a 23 year old. without a job. in a band. pseudo-dating a 17 year old highschooler, who is YOUNGER THAN HIS YOUNGER SISTER. and now two-timing said highschooler with an emotionally scarred, on-the-rebound, woman his age.

i kind of hate Scott Pilgrim. someone please tell me what i’m missing.


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