if there was ever the right book for the right time, it is Elise Blackwell’s AN UNFINISHED SCORE, right now, for me.

the best books throw our lives back at us in strange and unexpected ways, hold up a mirror that lets us look deeper and longer and more searchingly. as i contemplate the end of my marriage and the beginning of the divorce process (albeit for reasons different than those faced by Blackwell’s characters) UNFINISHED SCORE’s tale of upheaval, love and loss, the pains of both lies and honesty, resonates like a plucked string.

music has always been important to me, but even more so in the past month. as i come home to an apartment that is now mine, and mine alone, in which i can fill the silence in any way i choose, that choice has taken on unexpected importance. and as i navigate the byways of my many Pandora stations and iTunes playlists, creating and destroying with a fervor i don’t remember ever possessing before, i think about the ways in which music speaks to us — when lyrics matter and when they don’t, how the same melody can be interpreted in so many ways, how beat can make or break a mood.

and here is Elise Blackwell, capturing all of that and more. her characters’ quest to move through life in the company of the best that music can offer, both to themselves as musicians and to their listeners, in all its tragic and beautiful complexity, is transfixing and transformative. i read the book as someone in the midst of change, and am changed by it.

my compliments, and thanks, to the author.


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