FAQ: the bookrageous calendar in >140

note: you can blame twitter for pretty much all of my crazy ideas these days.

to make a long story short: we are going to do a calendar! of book bloggers/sellers with their favorite book(s)! and hopefully people will buy it! but it is more for the sheer crazy fun hell of it than anything else. please note: this calendar is purely the product of a bunch of random people, and there are no stores or publishers or trade organizations officially associated with this project. at least, not yet.

so, here we go: the bookrageous calendar FAQ in >140!

q: can i be in the calendar?
a: if you work in a bookstore and/or have a book blog (i.e. a blog primarily dedicated to talking about the books you read), and you are willing to take a picture of yourself being outrageous about books, then: YES!

q: how do i sign up?
a: you email me so i can put you in my very spiffy spreadsheet. we are still working out logistics, so getting in touch with me for all the details is VERY IMPORTANT.

q: so what should i be doing in this picture?
a: i give you some of my favorite photo projects involving books and photography: the Corpus Libris Blog, the Pantyworthy Photo Shoot, and Hot Guys Reading Books. think about the book(s) you love, get inspired, and HAVE FUN!

q: what if i want to help with the calendar, but i am camera-shy?
a: consider taking a picture of yourself in which you are partially/mostly obscured by books. if that’s still too much for you, there are a couple of areas where we could use a hand — for example, if you are a photographer who would like to help out a bookseller/blogger, or a graphic designer with some spare time on your hands, you should email me! when in doubt, email me or check in on twitter.

q: how much will it cost, and where can i buy this calendar?
a: i will let you know as soon as humanly possible.

q: what happens to all the money you are going to make?
a: if in fact any money exists at the end of this, it will be donated to a bookish charity TBA.

q: hey, i have a question you didn’t answer!
a: leave it in the comments, and i’ll update/answer regularly.

FAQ: the bookrageous calendar in >140

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