bookrageous roll-call!

note: if you think you SHOULD be on this list and are not, it probably means i don’t have an email from you. also, if you WANT to be on this list but are not sure how this works? check out the FAQ!

alrighty folks, it’s time for a BOOKRAGEOUS ROLL CALL! the following are booksellers/bloggers who have stepped up and thrown down on behalf of the awesomeness of books. (for the twitterati: here is a LIST!) please note: participants are listed in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. and also, i have NOT HAD MY COFFEE YET. except that josh is first because he was the first person to VOLUNTEER a picture. (which means you can blame him for a lot of this.)

bookrageous roll-call!

2 thoughts on “bookrageous roll-call!

  1. FizzyThoughts/softdrink/Jill is already executing a photo shoot! I need to get creative with something LITTLE WOMEN-ish …


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