bookrageous calender — deadline announced!

hello, fellow bookfiends!

after much consideration (5 whole minutes!) and noting that the list of participants is nice and healthy, we (meaning, really, i, but kind of also the committee, which, did you know, there is a committee!) have decided that we are going to do an August to December Calendar that, DRUMROLL PLEASE, starts this coming August 2010 and goes to December 2011!

which means that pictures are due June 11th, so that we have plenty of time to do the design/lay-out portion of things and also get production underway in time to get these puppies on the market by August. (please note: no puppies will be involved in the bookrageous calendar. unless one ends up in someone’s photo. which, i will say right now, NO PUPPY SUBSTITUTIONS! you may have puppies, but only if you are also involved in the shot in some essential way. i think there are enough puppy calendars out there already. same goes for anything else cute and fuzzy. end puppy rant.)

if you are reading this and you have already sent a photo (ahem, JON!!!!!) it’s mostly because i want you to feel included. be assured, your photo has been received and is much appreciated.

if you are reading this and are not going to send me a photo, please (PLEASE) let me know sooner rather than later so that we can plan accordingly.

also, if you have any questions about what you should/should not (hahaha right) do, feel free to ask and the committee (committee, raise your hands!) will be happy to help.

also also, if anyone knows anyone/is anyone who is good with design/lay-out, and is interested in helping out, that would be awesome!

also also also, if i didn’t cover anything, let me know!

yours in bookrageousness,

bookrageous calender — deadline announced!

2 thoughts on “bookrageous calender — deadline announced!

    1. 😉 you know full well my love for teh kittehs. BUT since someone kinda has that going well already, i figured i would try wrangling bookpeople instead….

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