bookrageous calendar — the ideas edition

there has been some chatter over email and twitter about what to do in the photos for the bookrageous calendar. in case you missed it the first time around, here are some links to awesome photos involving people and books: the Corpus Libris Blog, the Pantyworthy Photo Shoot, and Hot Guys Reading Books.

beyond that, i like Rebecca’s advice a lot: “What’s your favorite book? Pick a detail from that & take it big.

i should also note that in-tub-with-books is ALREADY TAKEN (possibly several times over). as awesome as this is, i think we probably need a little more diversity. ALTHOUGH it occurs to me now that a calendar full of people in tubs with books (assuming some variations of poses and books involved) would be REALLY AWESOME, and if this calendar thing actually happens and seems like maybe it should happen again then that could very well be your next assignment. (if you had this idea and you’re not sure if you’re the one doing it or not, email me and we will figure it out. if you were GOING to do this and are now concerned that maybe you shouldn’t, email me. when in doubt, email me!)

got other tips? want to share your idea? go forth and comment!

bookrageous calendar — the ideas edition

2 thoughts on “bookrageous calendar — the ideas edition

  1. klarusu says:

    Hi, I’m going to assume that there is a UK/US divide here that leads to misunderstanding on a global platform like the web, but this kind of use of the term ‘spastic’ is really offensive. If it’s not thought of that way in the US, then it really should be. Using terms that derive from disabilities & clinical conditions in casual ways because people don’t take the time to think about the etymology of a phrase isn’t an excuse especially among literate people. It’s no different to words that have racial implications. Whether you choose to continue to use the phrase is, of course, up-to-you. Just as people can choose to refer to people in a perjorative sense in any area of their life but word usage that demeans any group of people, be it a result of a medical condition, race, sexual orientation etc. should never go unchallenged. Consider this a challenge.

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