FYI: what you need to know about the new facebook event page

some of you may have noticed in the last (days? week? who knows, i was at BEA for a while there) facebook has updated (YET AGAIN) the way that event creation works. now, instead of having to navigate three pages of settings/options, there is one single page. this is true for events both in Groups and on Pages. (and i would assume also for Individuals.)

now, i am all for streamlining and simplification. less things that can go wrong the better, right?

well, yes, but. if you are a bookstore, and you are using facebook to broadcast/publicize your stores’ events, you should know: that button in between the second and third pages, where you were asked if you wanted to publish the event on your wall? it doesn’t ask anymore, it JUST DOES IT. which, if you are like me (and i bet you are) and enter in a month’s worth of events at a time, is NOT a good thing.

but! after much jiggery-pokery and some cursing, i figured out a way to turn it off. note: under the new settings (and let’s be honest, they’ll probably change it next week), publishing events as you create them to your wall is either ON or OFF. there is no optional, as far as i can tell. you can always do what i do and link back to them when you feel like it, though.

also as far as i can tell, this only happens if you are creating events for a Page. it appears that Groups don’t work that way (although i couldn’t tell you why). UPDATE: but! please note that in the Groups event creation page, the box for “Invite Members of the host group” is AUTOMATICALLY CHECKED. again — if you are creating a lot of events at a time, you need to pay attention to that! believe me (i know from experience) there is nothing quite like customers irate about getting facebook invites.

so! to change the ‘Publish to Wall’ setting:

  1. go to your Page
  2. select ‘Edit Page’ from the left hand menu under your avatar/logo/icon/whatchamacallit
  3. under ‘Applications’, find Events and select ‘Application Settings’
  4. a box will pop up with two tabs — Profile and Additional Permissions. select the latter.
  5. uncheck the box that says “Publish content to my wall” and click “Okay”

et voila! accompli.

FYI: what you need to know about the new facebook event page

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