now with extra awesome: bookrageous!

so it turns out that not only are we wild about books, but we are INTERNATIONALLY OFFENSIVE. score! i mean, AHEM, sorry about that. our apologies to all who are unhappy about bookspastic — i blame our extreme enthusiasm for our reckless use of language (and also, WHO KNEW?). so i hereby redub our book-inspired-hijinks … drumroll please … BOOKRAGEOUS! (with all credit to Jon Page a.k.a. @pnpbookseller who proves his incredible fabulousness time and time again.)

what is bookrageous, you ask? it’s people getting REALLY FREAKING EXCITED about books. it’s me eating kool aid-flavored-spaghetti. it’s rebecca taking off her pants. it’s emily and her incredible photo project. it’s the folks at Pegasus Books getting their super-hero on. it’s a whole lot of people doing a calendar together. all in the name of the joys of reading.

sound like fun? YOU BETCHA.

now with extra awesome: bookrageous!

3 thoughts on “now with extra awesome: bookrageous!

  1. For some reason, I missed your video of eating Kool-Aid Spaghetti, so I watched it for the first time tonight. I snorted and laughed so hard, I had tears. That is definitely a Bookrageous act! I can’t wait to see the final product!

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