giveaway: CURSE OF THE WOLF GIRL by Martin Millar

do you like werewolves? how about punk rock? gory battles? haute couture?

if you answered yes to any combination of the above, you NEED TO READ the fabulous Martin Millar. he made a big splash with LONELY WEREWOLF GIRL, which many of us read and loved. his other works (did i mention that Neil Gaiman is also a fan of his?) include THE GOOD FAIRIES OF NEW YORK and the most recent SUZY, LED ZEPPELIN, AND ME.

want to get a free advance copy of his newest, CURSE OF THE WOLF GIRL (you know you do)? giveaway!

back in the day, when i was at The King’s English Bookshop (holla!, btw) i interviewed Martin Millar and got to ask him all of my burning questions. what would you have asked him? leave your question in the comments on this post any time between Saturday, June 12 and Saturday, July 17. and you can ask him anything! well, almost anything. your question MUST relate to one of his books (any of the books though, because let’s be fair, they are all fantastic.)

and then, in July, three winners (3!) will be randomly selected (US only, please) and we will send you your Very Own Galley of CURSE OF THE WOLF GIRL. aaaaand (drumroll, please) the Man Himself, Martin Millar (!), will answer questions right here. feel free to squee! (i know i did.)

and because i realize some of you (poor souls) have not read LONELY WEREWOLF GIRL yet, i am going to go one step further and throw in my copy of that with one of the winners. SO THERE. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES NOW.

ready? set … ask!

giveaway: CURSE OF THE WOLF GIRL by Martin Millar

5 thoughts on “giveaway: CURSE OF THE WOLF GIRL by Martin Millar

  1. oh no, i’m terrible with interview questions. ok, here goes…

    Your heroine in “Good Fairies of New York” has Crohn’s disease, and “The Lonely Werewolf Girl” is plagued with many issues–depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse, to name a few. What made you take your characters in this direction?

  2. Rich says:

    Hi Jenn,

    OK, couple of burning questions.

    Dreams of Sex & Stage Diving: was Martin Millar ever a self-destructive stage diver like Elfish? Did/Does he frequent the mosh pit, or prop up the bar at gigs?

    When (and why) did he start adding out-and-out magical fantasy into his books (as opposed to just the everyday fantasies about wealth & success that people always entertain)?

    Curse of the Wolf Girl appears to be marketed as YA in the US. (Am I mis-interpreting the imprint/publisher, or is this a deliberate strategy?) If so, did Millar approach the writing of Wolf Girl any differently?

    Will there ever be a direct-sequel (or prequel) to Good Fairies? (please, please…)


  3. I loved The Good Fairies of New York. Reading it, I was taken by the warm and vivid peripheral characters and terrain like the city itself is a character… the voices of the phone sex TV commercials, the way the fairies traveled by hitching rides on bicycles wheeling through Manhattan, the ever present homeless people and the way the fairies tried to help. It actually made me feel more benevolent towards NYC (where I live) when I was done reading it.

    Where does this attitude of compassion come from, and how do you manage to weave it into your narrative without it sounding sentimental or saccharin? How do you inject such gravity into playful beings like fairies?

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