jenn haz books (and you can too!)


alrighty, here’s the deal. i am moving and need to downsize my library. and according to the responses i got, you all would like to help! below, you’ll find a list of what i’m willing to part with. some of these books i haven’t read, some just weren’t for me, and some i loved but don’t have room for. some of them are ARCs, some of them are paperback, some are hardcover — please note, these are not intended to be for resale!

The Rulez:

1. pick up to 15 books (15 is the absolute max per person)
2. send me an email with the titles you want (please note: email is the ONLY way to request books. requests through comments or twitter are NOT valid)
3. first emailed, first served
4. i will let you know by email which titles you got
5. if you didn’t get some you wanted, you can request others (again, only up to 15 total)
6. i’ll pack up your books and determine shipping costs
7. you pay for shipping via PayPal (the books, you get for free!)

happy hunting!

p.s. i was going to embed the above-linked google spreadsheet into this post, but wordpress apparently hates iframes and has thwarted me thoroughly. GRRR!!

p.p.s. i am updating the list as books are requested as often as i can, so hopefully there won’t be too many overlapping requests.

jenn haz books (and you can too!)

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