my bookrageous photo shoot

the wonderful, lovely, and talented Laura Kalman helped me from start to finish on this photo shoot. i knew the book (do you even have to ask? The Gone-Away World, FTW!) but Laura helped a ton with the concept and the poses themselves, not to mention she was patience personified as she wielded an eyeliner pencil and then the camera. we ended up writing most of the first page of GAW on my face, neck and shoulders, starting at my forehead. what is this for, you ask? why, the very awesome BOOKRAGEOUS CALENDAR: CHECK IT OUT!

and now, without further ado, i give you: my bookrageous photo shoot.

my bookrageous photo shoot

5 thoughts on “my bookrageous photo shoot

  1. I was so curious about your recent twitter avatar and now I know! And I’m thrilled it’s text of one of my favorite books.

    The hand-drawn type is positively marvelous. Excellent work by Laura. You seem almost transformed into some sort of mystical word-breathing creature.

  2. She has indeed – love it! (It’s actually both incredibly cool and slightly awe-inspiring. No one’s ever turned themselves into a living page of my text before… I feel… I dunno. Sort of like it’s a serious responsibility. Weird. Yet cool, as I say.)


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