books i can’t wait to read: the NAIBA ’10 edition

one of these days, i will get used to the fact that it’s my job to go to places where people shove giant bags full of books at you saying “TAKE THEM! TAKE THEM!”

actually, i probably never will. I LOVE MY JOB.

so NAIBA was great. saw a lot of lovely folks, got to hear a lot of good buzz, attended some inspiring panels, got excellent information, collected lots of business cards, drank a lot of coffee, got very little sleep. in other words: bookseller conference.

and, of course, came home with TONS of books. which is ridiculous, considering that i just gave away 165 of them. but then again, i did also just buy a new bookcase. therefore: more books. also: whatever, FREE BOOKS!

a few of the titles i’m particularly excited about, and therefore you should be too (p.s., some of these are not really new, don’t ask me why/how i got them for free because i don’t really know):

books i can’t wait to read: the NAIBA ’10 edition

8 thoughts on “books i can’t wait to read: the NAIBA ’10 edition

  1. Terribly green with envy over here. As an English prof, I am rarely handed a bag of free books. Unless they’re academic, and that’s just not always fun.

  2. Anne DeCourcey says:

    THE FATES WILL FIND THEIR WAY by Hannah Pittard is AWESOME. She captures male voices beautifully–I didn’t think I would like it (girl disappears, upset boys turn into unsettled men) but I was swept away. Not to bias you or anything but it’ll be good to hear what you think. Great editor shepherding Pittard too (Lee Boudreaux–has worked with Curtis Sittenfeld, David Wroblewski et al) Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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