oh, hai, i’m on this podcast…

it occurs to me that i’ve never once posted about the bookrageous podcast. FOR SHAME. it’s like i don’t even spend hours each week thinking about/working on/being embarrassed about it!

so, yeah. bookrageous has a podcast!

this past week, we talked about the Fall Trade Shows. that show has A LOT of book recommendations in it, so if you don’t like books, you might not want to listen. (if you don’t like books, what are you doing here anyway?) we also recently argued with each other about MOCKINGJAY (and then Katherine totally stole the show with her amazing call-in. seriously. just skip to her bit at 45:01, if you do nothing else, because she is smart LIKE WOAH).

and sometime in the near-future, we’ll be talking about the Best American series. so, you know, that should be interesting.

already listening? a review on iTunes or Podbean would be MOST appreciated.

interested in hearing about something? let us know!

oh, hai, i’m on this podcast…

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