in which i am confused

hey, internet, can we talk for a minute? about Scott Pilgrim? because i feel like i’m missing something here.

let me see if i’ve got this. lots of folks i know are fans. of the series, and the movie. both of which have some nifty video game elements involved, and some fun simultaneous potshots at/celebrations of garage bands. and we like Scott Pilgrim, the character. right?

that last bit is where i’m getting stuck. i just read the first volume. and, yeah. Scott is a 23 year old. without a job. in a band. pseudo-dating a 17 year old highschooler, who is YOUNGER THAN HIS YOUNGER SISTER. and now two-timing said highschooler with an emotionally scarred, on-the-rebound, woman his age.

i kind of hate Scott Pilgrim. someone please tell me what i’m missing.

in which i am confused

8 thoughts on “in which i am confused

  1. Without getting very spoilery, I’d say that Scott’s jerkiness is definitely intentional and is something that the series addresses as it moves along.

    (It’s not for nothing that the fourth volume is “Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together,” I’d say.)

    While I think he’s an interesting character, I don’t necessarily think he’s the most likable character in the series*, especially not at that point.

    *-Kim Pine.

  2. Jurassicalien says:

    From my understanding, you’re never supposed to like Scott, but identify with the fact that he’s kind of “real”. Meaning someone with HUGE flaws.

  3. ami says:

    No worries! You are *supposed* to hate Scott Pilgrim. I think it’s volume 2 where one of his friends says to Scott, ‘if your life had a face, I would punch it.’

    The secondary characters are where these books really shine, in particular the female characters. I would also say that part of the joy of these books is watching Scott grow into his relationship, and watching him learn that he actually can’t phone it in when he’s dating Ramona.

    But yeah, Scott Pilgrim: a total jerk. Half the fun is when his friends are sort of mean to him.

  4. oh, thank god. i don’t remember ever hearing anyone say anything dismissive of the character before, and i felt like my jerk-o-meter was turned up way too high or something. now i feel sane again.

    although this provokes other questions, like: who on earth cast Michael Cera to play this character? i cannot imagine a world in which he can pull it off.

  5. Asterios you don’t have a problem with, but you don’t like Scott?! 😛

    As everyone mentioned, Scott is not really likable in the beginning. I know quite a few people who never went passed volume one because they hated Scott. But the series is about him “growing up” and learning that he’s a kinda a douche.

  6. sweetpea says:

    yes, Scott’s douchiness is part of the hilarity. for me, the series peaked at Volume 3. still haven’t seen the flic but i hear, as per usual, Wallace steals the show.

  7. Vladimir says:

    Jenn, It’s totally OK, as others above have said. One of the things we all treasure about the series is that Pilgrim has an awesome cast of characters, and I think what O’Malley was going for in the entirety of the series was the idea that with good and caring friends we can be cured of what ‘douches’ us. Stick with it.

    Also: If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. It’s amazing and does things that we’ll be seeing copied for years to come (But you might want to wait until book 3– The last 3 volumes of the books have virtually no connection to the last half of the movie, as he hadn’t written 4, 5 & 6 when filming began; therefore series and movie can be enjoyed independently).

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