in which i annotate the ToB Long List

note: full long-list here. only commenting on the ones i’ve got something to say about. also: I LOVE THE TOURNAMENT OF BOOKS.

The Passage, by Justin Cronin: I LOVE THIS BOOK. a lot. also, i am fairly sure that Cronin knows who i am, mostly because of twitter, and that gives me the warm fuzzies.
Bad Marie, by Marcy Dermansky: i am reading this book right now! and Marie is my new favorite anti-heroine. and also, Marcy is a sweetheart, and came and did my bidding participated in WORD’s holiday open house this past weekend!
Room, by Emma Donoghue: listening to Emma D read from Room from upstairs, where i couldn’t see her actually, was like listening to a five year old talk at length (which they do all the time). uncanny and brilliant.
The Girl Who Fell from the Sky,
by Heidi W. Durrow: I LOVE THIS BOOK. a lot. i picked it as one of my five faves for 2011 on the bookrageous year-end podcast (coming soon).
A Visit from the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan: I LOVE THIS BOOK, also! a lot! it also also got several bookrageous nods.
Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War, by Karl Marlantes: I LOVE THIS BOOK. so. much. and Karl knows it. and i am so glad that he is on this list.
Beatrice and Virgil, by Yann Martel: really? wow. i will be very curious to see what the judges have to say.
Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray: this book is up next(ish) on my TBR pile. if Paul Murray himself is any indication (and the man is thoughtful and entertaining to a fault), this book deserves every good thing said about it ever.
Model Home, by Eric Puchner: this book has been on the TBR pile for a while too — met him and heard him read, and was highly impressed.
The Madonnas of Echo Park, by Brando Skyhorse: i mean, c’mon. i’ve got a blurb on the guy’s site, for crying out loud!
The Singer’s Gun, by Emily St. John Mandel: my lurve for Emily and her books knows no bounds.
Aurorarama, by Jean-Christophe Valtat: i didn’t finish this book, but what i read i liked. when it comes out in paperback i’ll probably buy it so i can take my time with it.
How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, by Charles Yu: ummmmm, HELLLLLS YEEEEEAH! i cannot count the ways in which i adore this book. it is absolutely 100% on my top favs for the year. you can see that i fell hard from the very beginning.

in conclusion: i love the $@#% out of this list.

in which i annotate the ToB Long List

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