losing followers and alienating tweeple, pt. 2

i just got back from Winter Institute 6 (post forthcoming). one of the highlights of the conference was David Allen’s (Getting Things Done) (HI DAVID) talk on efficiency. that guy knows from smart. and while he did not specifically tell me to unfollow absolutely everyone on twitter (he really didn’t, promise), one of the exercises we did showed me that i was still feeling pretty overwhelmed by the amount of input i was getting. there’s no twitter equivalent to the coveted Inbox 0 concept, not if you actually want to use twitter, but apparently following 385 accounts is still too much for me.

librarythingtim, upon reading my last post, told me that he’ll periodically unfollow everyone he’s following, and rebuild from zero. so i’m trying that.

and listen. i know that the other option is just to ignore my public timeline, maybe build some lists and focus on those. i know that because it’s what i’ve been doing. but if i’m going to do that, why the hell am i on twitter anyway? i don’t particularly want to not use it, but i do want to use it in a way that makes me not crazed by how much people are talking and how many conversations i’m missing. so. here goes attempt number two!

also also: have you noticed how many different programs there are to help you manage twitter? THERE ARE A LOT. which makes me feel better, because if it was easy to do then there wouldn’t be so many people trying to help me do it.

losing followers and alienating tweeple, pt. 2

4 thoughts on “losing followers and alienating tweeple, pt. 2

  1. Anyone who is not an absolute unironic twitter Kool Aid drinker feels your pain. There are two words which have fallen out of use in the last decade or so: the first is “fiduciary,” which used implied that institutions had some responsibilities beyond making as much money as possible; and “clutter,” which acknowledged that most of the messages that fight for our attention are mediocre and distracting. I do the list thing, while dipping into the public stream. But at some point I may join you.

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