that was the hardest thing i have actually ever done in my entire life. i actually had to NOT LOOK AT THE SCREEN. terrifying.

but here’s another thought i just had about this whole process. a friend of mine, with whom i hang out on a regular basis, does not follow me on twitter. “no offense, jenn,” she told me, “you just tweet too much.” or, to put it another way, the way i use twitter doesn’t mesh with the way she uses twitter. was this upsetting? not really. i see her all the time! we communicate via email and text. we’re friends on facebook, too, even though i don’t really use that much. so in the grand scheme of things, does twitter matter? not really

how many places am i friends with you? how much information about you and what you’re up to do i have access? does the way you use twitter mesh with the way i use twitter (when i figure out what that looks like)? these are questions that are worth considering, i’ve decided.

i am probably spending way too much time and thought on this, but hey. what’s a 21st century gal to do?


3 thoughts on “OH. MY. GOD.

  1. SERIOUSLY considering doing this… I’ve been unfollowing people more one by one when I realize “I don’t care what these people say”

    I think it’d be liberating to just unfollow everyone and start from scratch.

  2. As we speak I’m currently culling my GReader and then my twitter. I go through the week days shouting: TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH! inside my head. Sometimes, I think, I actually shout it out loud.

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