book notes: READ ‘EM NOW

War & Peace, Tolstoy: there will be a longer post or article or something about this when i am done digesting, but I FINISHED!!!!

So Much Pretty, Cara Hoffman: a graphic and disturbing addition to the Season of Missing Girls. a young woman goes missing in a small town in rural New York, and the ensuing investigation implodes the life of a brilliant high-school girl. i am freaked out by this book. almost did not get to sleep the night i finished.

Volt, Alan Heathcock: a dark and unsettling collection of short stories that take place in the rural Western (fictional) town of Krafton. after this week i need to take a serious break from dark-and-rural in my fiction, but DAYUMN this book is good.

Coin Operated, Ginny Glass: my first erotica! go ahead, make the jokes, i’ll wait. done? ok then. it’s a contemporary BDSM romance, featuring some very, ahem, inventive ways to utilize a laundromat during sex. i read this with our recent bookrageous conversation in mind, and it was fascinating. both characters are unsure of the rules of dominance/submission, and it’s interesting (and sexy) to watch their relationship form and grow despite their uncertainties.

The Iron Thorn, Caitlin Kittredge: a tasty horror/fantasy/fairy tale/steampunk stew. smartypants Aoife Grayson’s got a family mystery to solve, and if it doesn’t drive her mad (literally) the two guys vying for her affections might.

book notes: READ ‘EM NOW

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