book notes: READ ‘EM NOW

Moondogs, Alexander Yates: a madcap dash through the Philippines in the company of some very messed up, and very entertaining, characters. Moondogs is the kind of literary sci-fi (a la Mieville, Harkaway, and Yu) that i would eat with a spoon if i could.

When Harry Met Molly, Kieran Kramer: one of the most unabashedly sexy Regency romance novels i’ve read. a young lady must pretend to be a mistress to help a gentleman win a potentially life-changing bet. you can imagine where it goes from there. gawd, i love Kieran Kramer.

In Office Hours, Lucy Kellaway: if you’ve ever had (or contemplated having) an office romance, you’ll be interested in this one. the novel follows two women, one married and sleeping with her assistant, the other a single mother sleeping with her boss. Kellaway explores the dynamics of power, love, lust and sex handily.

book notes: READ ‘EM NOW

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