livetweeting LONESOME DOVE, the complete collection

note: i saved these as i was going along, so they are in reverse order (as is the normal with twitter), with the most recent at the top and the first at the very bottom. so really you should scroll allllllll the way down and read it that way for it to make sense. i started tweeting the book about 100 pages in, on June 18, and finished reading on June 30. i tried to avoid spoilers, but there are some, ahem, STRONG HINTS as to plot development. 

nota bene: if you haven’t already? you really, really, REALLY, should read LONESOME DOVE. full post extolling its virtues TK.

my only consolation RT@PnPBookseller: @jennIRL there’s a prequel and two sequels!

on the last 100 pages of Lonesome Dove. even after 900 pages, I AM NOT READY FOR IT TO BE OVER.

ZING!!!! Po Campo keeps it real, y’all.

“A haircut will last you a month, but what you get from the whores will only last a moment. Unless she gives you something you don’t want.”

previously on Lonesome Dove: FOR THE LOVE OF PETE LET CLARA KEEP THE BABY; i kind of miss the pigs.

Gus is still, by a longshot, the best thing about this book. Clara and Call are tied for second place.

more snakes! i prefer the pigs.

“She liked Thackeray’s ladies better than Dickens’s, and George Eliot’s best of all.” i knew i was going to like Clara.

previously on Lonesome Dove: Jake Spoon finally gets what-for, and i feel like a jerk (but only for a minute)

well shit. now i feel like a jerk. dammit, Jake Spoon! you are problematic!

previously on Lonesome Dove: WHY IS JAKE SPOON STILL ALIVE?!

McMurtry, you are KILLING ME HERE.

“Let’s cross the river. It’s that or hire you a lawyer, and I say, why waste the money?” “That store don’t sell lawyers anyway.”

previously on Lonesome Dove: someone needs to shoot Jake Spoon; i am still not sure how i feel about Elmira; Po Campo FTW.

“I seldom get conversation like yours. I can’t figure out if I like it or not, but I will admit it’s conversation.” cowboy plainspeak FTW!

“Don’t be trying to give back pain for pain,” he said. “You can’t get even measures in business like this.”

previously on Lonesome Dove: almost everyone dies; Gus is one bad-ass mofo; there are still pigs.

now see here, McMurtry. if things don’t start looking up, so help me god, you WILL get an angry letter in the mail.

previously on Lonesome Dove: Injuns are a-foot; Lorie is missing; Jake Spoon is an ass.

a writer who can turn pigs into recurring characters is a writer not to be taken lightly.

MORE PIGS! “This particular bunch of pigs had a strong dislike of white horses, or perhaps of deputy sheriffs.”

i have met some modern-day versions of Jake Spoon, now that i think about it.

“Jake was up to being Jake,” Augustus said. “It’s a full-time job. He requires a woman to help him with it.”

previously on Lonesome Dove: womenfolk are a mystery, including the “sporting” ones; lots of dust; there are still pigs.

“Although Lonesome Dove had not been much of a town, he felt sure that a little whiskey would have made him feel sentimental about it.”

previously on LONESOME DOVE: more pigs; oldey-time sex was called “poking”; woman in pants!!! #amreading

i think it’s about time for ” ‘I god” to come back into fashion, don’t y’all? #LONESOMEDOVE

“Getting up early & feeling awake was the one skill he had never truly perfected–he got up, of course, but it never felt natural.” PREACH.

i mean, c’mon: “The kettle was big enough to hold a small mule, if anybody had wanted to boil one.” so off-handedly funny i can’t stand it!

previously on LONESOME DOVE: Gus talks a lot; Call is grumpy; there are pigs.

who wants to hear about LONESOME DOVE? … what’s that? ALL OF YOU?! excellent.

livetweeting LONESOME DOVE, the complete collection

3 thoughts on “livetweeting LONESOME DOVE, the complete collection

  1. I read this for the first time last month and seriously…I mean SERIOUSLY…FREAKIN’ AWESOME man. I heart Gus so much. Cried. Sobbed. *sigh*

    Must get prequel and sequel.

    1. YES. saddest thing in the world. i am also going to be reading the other books. have also started watching the show on Netflix, and can i just say that Robert Duvall was born to play Gus.

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