round-up of doom

note: ok not really doom, but that might be my favorite title ever. originally posted over on tumblr.

here are, to my mind, the most thought-provoking takes on the whole Kindle Fire thing:

here is what i am wondering. people are freaked (vocally, publicly) that Facebook knows (and can broadcast) what you’re listening to, reading, watching, etc. now there is a tablet from Amazon that will know all those same things. have we already forgotten the privacy concerns already identified with Amazon?

who owns your data preferences, and how will they use that information? it’s a question we should ask of everyone — Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, you name ‘em — all the time. if we want to play in the digital space we have to share this information, of course. it’s just something worth considering.

round-up of doom

2 thoughts on “round-up of doom

  1. Also interesting, in terms of timing, that news of the Fire appeared at the same time as this story —

    As someone very happy with his 120GB iPod, this worries me — especially as the “solution” (to, admittedly, a rumored “problem”) seems to be to wait for Apple’s cloud-based service to kick in and then, er, upload 400+ GB of music to them.

    I have no problem with a voluntary service that tracks my reading; I have Goodreads and memberships, after all. But I’m a lot more skeptical of being in a position where I have to share information on all of the music that I have with Apple in order to fully use an Apple device. And, for me, that applies equally to books (perhaps one of the reasons I haven’t embraced an e-reader.)

    Thinking out loud/rambling here…

  2. yeah, it’s a tricky thing. the cloud-based storage thing is very appealing in theory, but in practice, you have to wonder about all the obvious things — security, ownership, access, etc etc etc. i have an external hard-drive that houses all my music and back-up files. will i give that up for the cloud? likely not. will i have that AND the cloud? maybe.

    there are very few ebooks you can actually OWN, especially because so many of them are only readable in conjunction with Adobe Digital Editions. i have ebooks on several different platforms — which, yes, is a pain, but also makes me feel less nervous about ownership/privacy issues. it’s kind of like how i keep photos on my computer as well as on Picasa and tumblr. i am not militant about it, but little ways of making sure that my information isn’t silo’d (is that a word?) make me feel a little less at-the-mercy-of-the-company, whoever it is…

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