scattered thoughts on Occupy

a couple weeks ago i went down to Zuccotti Park with a tote full of books and some plastic bins for the People’s Library. it was late, and i was on my way to elsewhere, so i didn’t get to stay for long, but what i saw was inspiring. it made me want to write a post on the appropriate political leveraging of drum circles, and i have been to Burning Man so i know from drum circles (short version: they were doing it right).

somewhere on the internet last week (i searched but couldn’t find it again), there was a piece on the brains behind Occupy Writers, and how overjoyed but also overwhelmed they were by the flood of support and submissions. i sent them an email offering to help, and this weekend i got my first list of names to verify and format. i was delighted to see names of authors i recognize, authors i know in person even, joining the ranks alongside others about whom i am now curious, some international even (although for the record those are really hard to verify, and Google Translate is crap at Turkish).

i was in Baltimore this past weekend and was talking with some friends (some kinda New Agey, 25-35, liberal friends) about the Occupy movement. they were all decidedly on the fence, which surprised me. one of them in particular was irked that some person had gotten a ticket for sleeping on a park bench, and didn’t understand how that was helpful in protesting economic injustice. this same friend had been part of the march on Times Square. i am a political ostrich, and my help to the OWS movement thus far has been in entirely booknerd form, but fundamentally i am on board with the movement and i guess i assume that if i am, most people i know are as well, and that’s just not true, apparently.

Monday night i was on the L train and i saw a couple dressed up as Octopi Wall Street for Halloween, and they were grinning ear to ear and looked like they were having an absolute blast, and i wanted to hug them (but that would have been weird so i didn’t).

The Rumpus posted about the Oakland General Strike this morning, linking to a bunch of cool stuff including these posters (art geek alert).

scattered thoughts on Occupy

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