round-up of dooooooom

  • Amazon is a jerkface, no one is surprised, but people are angry, including
    • Richard Russo, in a NY Times Op Ed. favorite bit: “As I see it, the problem with Amazon stems from the fact that though it started out as a bookseller, it isn’t anymore, not really. It sells everything now, and it sells it all aggressively. Maybe Amazon doesn’t care about the larger bookselling universe because it’s simply too big to care.” BONUS: Lacy and hello hello books get name-dropped by RICHARD FREAKING RUSSO!
  •  and then some possibly even bigger jerkface asserts that indies are possibly killing literary culture (no i will not link, just read Dustin’s piece below, he notates it to great effect); many people are irate (and also smart), including
    • Dustin, who always and forever wins at angry-funny. favorite bit: “IS THAT THE STANDARD BY WHICH YOU WISH TO JUDGE A SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION SIR? Because do I have a chamber pot to sell you.” seriously you guys, i laughed many times. also, “The whole idea of a culture is that it be shared, if not communal, and the act of bringing people together in ways that make the books, and a shared enjoyment of the books, available, even if it doesn’t necessitate buying the books, could only be mocked by someone with a very sad and tenuous point to make.”
    • Stephanie, whose opinion i ask for on a regular basis so i can know what i think about things. favorite bit: “I really want to fix [Amazon], even though this is a company which is so actively trying to put me out of work that I would not be surprised if its next move was to issue bounties for the still-functioning brains of actual human booksellers.” also, “There are so many good books coming out right now we could each double our reading time and still not find room for all of them, and that’s not even taking into consideration the wealth of classics on which we are perched. And instead of talking about them, we are talking about Amazon and whether they are nice. Again.”
there are more good ones out there, i’m sure; as i come across them, i’ll update accordingly. feel free to leave your fav in the comments!
round-up of dooooooom

One thought on “round-up of dooooooom

  1. STACEY says:

    Just wanted to say love you on Bookrageous and heard you on Fuzzy Typewriter’s the Passage podcast. A book I will picking up 2012, albeit probably reading it along with something else. Merry Christmas

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