the return of: read ’em later

BITTERBLUE, Kristen Cashore, May 2012: GRACELING and FIRE are two of my all-time favorite YA titles ever, ever, ever, and i didn’t even know a third one was coming down the pipe until my rep emailed us about it. god bless you forever and ever, Nicole. this book is So Good. i had to immediately go back and reread the others. so good. you are excited. go reread the others!

A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME, Sarah MacLean, February 2012: my love for Sarah is great, and only grows with time. she has really outdone herself, on all fronts, with the new series. four fallen men who run a gaming hall in Victorian (or whatever) London! what women will SAVE THEM? and what women will THEY SAVE? omg. plus and also, a cast-away from Love By the Numbers gets her own happy ending! but i’m not saying any more than that, that would be spoiling things.

WILD THING, Josh Bazell, February 2012: pretty much nothing could ever top BEAT THE REAPER for sheer wooooooooaaaahhh, but he really tries on this one. Peter Brown, ten years later! what does that even look like? and why is there a North American version of the Loch Ness monster involved? proceed from there. while there are no bone-knives or shark-tank-sex scenes in this one (but i mean, come on, you can’t do that again) there is plenty of WTF to go around.

the return of: read ’em later

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