the return of: read ’em now

note: i am the worst blogger in the world. i will try to do this every two weeks again. no promises! since i had to arbitrarily decide where to pick back up, you’re basically getting December.

AMONG OTHERS, Jo Walton: holy crap, you guys. if you grew up reading, wishing you could get into your books, convinced that some of it MUST be true, right? i mean, just a little bit of it?, and you’ve always had more opinions about books than anything else, you must read this book. it is ALSO a beautiful and moving story of a girl grieving for her lost twin, and a modern-day fairytale. snifflers, have tissues ready. just out in paperback! recommended to me by the almost-always-correct bookavore.

THE SIXTH GUN VOL 2, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt: less Western, more voodoo! maybe not quiiiiite as satisfying as Vol 1 because there was no Missy (WHERE ARE YOU, Missy?? i know you are out there plotting!) but according to the back cover she is in Vol 3, so there’s that.

SYLVESTER: OR THE WICKED UNCLE, Georgette Heyer: don’t let the subtitle mislead you. contrary to what you might expect, this is not some weird uncle/niece spankfest. (the subtitle is misleading, OKAY?? seriously, guys. worst subtitle for a romance ever.) if Georgette Heyer ever wrote one of those, i don’t know about it. and i kind of wish i did because i would read it just for the sheer WTF value alone. but i digress. this is another Austen-esque gentle romance. the lead is kind of a prig, and the heroine is a little wishy-washy, but Heyer at her mediocre is a billion times better than many authors at their best, and whatever you should read this.

CLOUD ATLAS, David Mitchell: i waited a year before reading my boss’s favorite book of pretty much all time. i managed to escape knowing pretty much anything about the plot at all, other than that she liked it. i give you the same gift — know that this is an AMAZING BOOK, and that is all that i am going to tell you, trust me, it’s better that way.

THE MAP AND THE TERRITORY, Michel Houellebecq: i cannot get over that i can spell his name right first time, no checking. I HAVE LEVELED UP, YO. i’d never read the dude before, but as i have been telling customers, i will now probably dive into the backlist. he does that thing that i usually hate, where he inserts himself into the story, but the difference here is that MH is a CHARACTER in the story, not some “i” voice suddenly intruding into what has up to this point been a third-person-close narrative, [insert obligatory Kundera rant here] so it’s ok. also bonus points for a seriously grisly murder! p.s. the cover is awful, don’t let it fool you.

CINDER, Marissa Meyer: oh my god you guys, cyborg Cinderella! YOU MUST READ IT. you must. it’s so much fun. very Hunger Games-ian in both writing style (i mean that in both the good and not-so-good ways you might be thinking) and in plotting — great big awesome concept, lots of page-turners, romance on the side. this book induced uncontrollable text-messaging in both myself and wonderali, which is always a good sign. also?? each book in the series is going to be a different fairytale character, from what i hear, and I SWEAR TO GOD i know who is next and i cannot freaking contain myself.

the return of: read ’em now

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