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CAPITAL, John Lanchester, June 2012: Lanchester is the dude who wrote DEBT TO PLEASURE, which is an all-time favorite unreliable narrator book for me, so i was psyched to see what was next. CAPITAL is very different, and very very good. it all takes place on one posh street in London right as the international economic crisis is starting. and you get POV for a variety of residents — an elderly lady who’s lived in her (now very very valuable) house forever, a (pretty sympathetic) banker and his (surprisingly sympathetic) spoiled wife and children, an immigrant builder who works on the street, the Indian family that owns the corner store, etc etc. timely very well-drawn look at what is happening to us that manages not to feel preachy, really, and has some great characters. also i just LOVE that offhand British style that creates passages like this:

“….. and then the general hard-to-believe expensiveness of everything in London, restaurants and shoes and parking fines and cinemas tickets and gardeners and the feeling that every time you went anywhere or did anything money just started melting off you. Roger didn’t mind that, he was completely up for it, but it did mean that if he didn’t get his million-pound bonus this year he was at genuine risk of going broke.”

read ’em later

One thought on “read ’em later

  1. I loved The debt to Pleasure, loved the passage quoted, and I think it’s wonderful that someone who has written some of the most lucid non-fiction about the financial crisis (I.O.U) has now turned that into a novel.

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