read ’em now, the Tamora Pierce edition

i think reading GRACELING and AMONG OTHERS in proximity rewired my brain and now i just can’t stop reading my favorite YA, which means i am reading every Tamora Pierce book i can get my hands on. so in the past two weeks i’ve read TRICKSTER’S CHOICE, TRICKSTER’S QUEEN (hellooooooooo, hot crow-shapeshifter-dude!), and BLOODHOUND. the Beka Cooper books in particular are genius because they are actually police procedurals, you guys, plus magic and Tortall and a killer will-they-won’t-they romance. i am now trying to imagine my ultimate lady crime fighting team, which would have to include Beka Cooper, Karrin Murphy, Kate Daniels, Buffy Summers, Temperance Brennan and Stephanie Brown. (#nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrd)

read ’em now, the Tamora Pierce edition

One thought on “read ’em now, the Tamora Pierce edition

  1. Last week I was at the gym listening to the Bookrageous podcast and wanted to cheer so hard when you mentioned Tamora Pierce. I would reread all her books about once a year while I was in high school. It’s been less regular since then, but I still have these moments where I realize that I NEED to revisit her entire catalog. Like right now, even though I’m still reading the latest Beka Cooper – it’s been too long since I’ve read the Lioness books and I want to put down everything else, crawl into bed, and read the hell out of that series.

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