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QUICKSILVER, Neal Stephenson: i’ve been talking to customers about Stephenson in preparation for finally picking up REAMDE (which, btw, i like to prounounce “read me” because otherwise it just makes me insane, but that’s neither here nor there), and one in particular insisted i start with the Baroque Cycle, of which this is the first book. and it turns out it is ONE HELL OF A STORY that had me so sucked in i wasn’t reading anything else at the same time — unheard of, practically. at least, until my OverDrive loan expired and then there were three other people waiting to read it so i couldn’t immediately re-rent it, so i am only halfway through and am now reading other things until it’s free again (or until i buy it, that could happen too). epic historical fiction with a tinge of the fantastical to it. brilliant.

WHY WE BROKE UP, Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman: i really dug this one — it felt like a bit like being in a time machine back to high school. which was a mildly uncomfortable and awkward experience (much like high school itself), but vivid and entertaining nonetheless.

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, John le Carre: well sheeeeit. the movie is coming out so i figured i would finally get around to this one. have read other le Carre and very much enjoyed, of course, but this one has me on absolute tenterhooks. am trying REALLY HARD not to look at the cast list on imdb (i haven’t seen any trailers) lest i prejudice my inner movie of the book. at the moment George Smiley is a moustache-less Jim Broadbent, Ricki Tarr is a young Crispin Glover at his smarmiest, and Prideaux is a sort of grizzled cross between Gerard Butler and Daniel Pirrie (actor who plays the asshole soldier who gets Ethel pregnant on Downton Abbey). just in case you were wondering.

read ’em now

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