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note: sorry i’ve been such a slacker! also i lost my phone that had notes on all the books i’d been reading, which makes blogging about them difficult. but, new spreadsheet has been started and look, you get an extra long post, that helps right?

SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT, Myke Cole: the first book in a new series that a cover blurb describes as “X-Men meets Black Hawk Down”, which i think is pretty apt. the concept is that people who have magical powers are required to join up, otherwise they’re on the run/enemies of the state. a career soldier, who previously was pretty happy with things, discovers some latent abilities of his own, plunging him into the weird world of magic in the military. entertaining as all get-out, although if you are like me you also periodically will want to yell at/throw things in the direction of the main character, who makes some catastrophically terrible decisions.

BLUEPRINTS OF THE AFTERLIFE, Ryan Boudinot: that one i wrote up for and you can believe that i will link the hell out of it when it goes live, but until then i will just say that if you enjoy absurdity and weird technology, you will enjoy this book.

SWAMPLANDIA!, Karen Russell: i had a very conflicted relationship with this book, as evidenced by our discussion on Bookrageous, but the short version is that if Russell hadn’t done such a good job creating characters that you care about i wouldn’t have had such strong feelings, and also wow can she write a sentence.

THE VOICE OF THE RIVER, Melanie Rae Thon: a quiet gem of a book. a boy walking his dog in winter falls into a frozen river; the town turns out to search for him; and all the rescuers bring all their own baggage to the search. gorgeous writing.

I HUNT KILLERS, Barry Lyga, out April 10: my review of this one will be in Shelf Awareness’s reader edition soon, and i know you guys, it’s technically not out yet, but so soon! gory and angsty and not to be read at night and full of OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED.

THE LONGSHOT, Katie Kitamura: i read this book when it first came out in 2009 and loved it, so much so that it got me into watching MMA (which is not something people ever expect to hear about me). having recently met the author for the first time (NYC FTW), i reread it, and it was every bit as good as i remembered. Kitamura’s writing is one of the best responses i can think of to female-authors-vs-male-authors stereotyping — she writes like a Really Good Writer, and will not be put into a tidy little box. it’s a little harder to get ahold of these days, but never fear, she’s got a new book coming out in the fall.

THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH, Norton Juster: i blame all the people who never gave this book to my child-self for the fact i didn’t read it until last week when i was cat-sitting for a certain someone who owns FOUR COPIES. it was awesome enough that i now understand the necessity.

read ’em now

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