read ’em later

note: these books are not out yet, release dates noted. please don’t yell at me for teasing you with books you can’t read yet k thx bye!

GONE TO THE FOREST, Katie Kitamura, August 7 2012: if you’ve read LONGSHOT (why haven’t you yet??) you might think you’d have an idea what to expect from Kitamura’s second book, but you’d be wrong. the prose is just as clean, the pacing just as steady, but there’s a whole new level complexity at work here — inevitable, considering the subject. GONE TO THE FOREST is the story of a father and son, managing an estate in a colonized country, who are falling apart at the same time as the political situation around them spirals out of control. tense and vivid and satisfying in that AAAAHHHH WHY IS EVERYONE CRAZY way.

THE DARK UNWINDING, Sharon Cameron, September 1 2012: When Katharine Tulman is sent by her (seriously awful) aunt to declare her estranged uncle (related by marriage) incompetent, so that their side of the family can regain control of the inheritance and the estate, it’s an opportunity to both get some breathing space and, hopefully, prove her use and assure her place in the family. BOY IS SHE WRONG. things are not what they appear, at pretty much any point in this utterly captivating book. clockwork and ghosts and espionage and YOU GUYS IT HAS ALL THE THINGS. it’s almost like ANGELMAKER for kids, actually. fantastic.

RAILSEA, China Mieville, May 15 2012: i have already said everything i can say about this book over on tumblr, more to come in an official review on Shelf Awareness

read ’em later

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