highly recommended

i recently recommended a bunch of sf/f to a friend, and the interwebs has asked for the list. your wish is my command, here it is in all its dashed-off glory:

  • Jacqueline Carey, SANTA OLIVIA is the one with the boxing but in the militaristic future-setting
  • Octavia Butler, FLEDGLING is the first one i read of hers, but they’re all great
  • NK Jemisin, THE KILLING MOON is the new one, sort of ancient-Egypt-ish
  • Ursula Le Guin (who you maybe have already read? but if not), THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS is a masterpiece
  • Felix Gilman’s HALF-MADE WORLD is something i regularly recommend to people who like Mieville/Harkaway — and Le Guin blurbed it, which is kind of unheard of
  • Brian Francis Slattery (newest book is LOST EVERYTHING, but i think LIBERATION is my favorite) is on my top 10 list as well
highly recommended

2 thoughts on “highly recommended

  1. Terry says:

    I’m really looking forward to Brian Francis Slattery’s reading at Word. I haven’t read any of his stuff, but have had it recommended to me by several people. Would you say that Liberation is a better introduction to his work than Lost Evetything?

    1. hmmmmmmmmmm that is a tough one. i would say start with LOST EVERYTHING because it’s the new one and then you’ll be up to speed for the reading, (and really it’s soooooooo good) but then pick up LIBERATION next. i should mention that some other folks prefer SPACEMAN BLUES to LIBERATION, so there are differences in taste to consider!

      i think the LIBERATION is my favorite is that it’s more, well, cheerful than LOST EVERYTHING. more rompy. also i’m a sucker for a good heist team. that being said, LOST EVERYTHING might be a deeper book over all.

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