TBR: excited about

note: i know i owe y’all a couple “read ’em”s, but for some reason i am blocked on that, so instead you get a snapshot, as it were, of my TBR pile.

RICE BOY, Evan Dahm: found this at Bergen Street Comics (holla!), dude is local and self-published and his graphic novels are STUNNING. was advised that this is the one to start with.

DIAL H, China Mieville: his first comic! holy shit! i am actually going to read something in issues for the first time in my life.

365 SAMURAI AND A FEW BOWLS OF RICE, JP Kalonji: can you tell i spent a lot of time/money at Bergen? i did. this one, the art and sparse text suckered me in.

LAURA LAMONT’S LIFE IN PICTURES, Emma Straub, September 4 2012: Emma is smart and funny and i love her short stories, am going to break into this one as soon as i get my brain back from Jacqueline Carey and NK Jemisin.

BRING UP THE BODIES, Hilary Mantel: i loved WOLF HALL, cannot wait to see what she does with Anne Boleyn.

TBR: excited about

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