read ’em later

note: these books are not out for a while (see pub dates below), get excited at your own risk

THE YEAR OF THE BEASTS, Cecil Castelluci & Nate Powell, May 22 2012: coming-of-age story told partly in comics, partly in prose. sad and verrrrry well-done; i particularly liked how it’s out of sync until finally, everything comes together.

SORRY PLEASE THANK YOU, Charles Yu, July 24 2012: with some of the same themes as HOW TO LIVE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE (meta-fiction! more alternate Yu narrators!) and some new, very interesting ones (zombies in the supermarket, emotional outsourcing, narrative-as-flowchart), Yu continues to be a favorite of mine. the more i reflect on it, the more i like it.

THE PECULIAR, Stefan Bachmann, September 1 2012: i don’t know how to talk about the fact that this was written by a teenager, so i won’t. when i started reading it, i was like, HOLY WOW this is a dark and awesome new for-grown-up-people fantasy. and then i checked the back flap and it said it was for children? written by a teenager? broken brain. anyway i’m impressed with it all around. it’s got a mythical-folklorical (shut up that’s a word) heart and is told in a beautifully straightforward style.

THE LAST DRAGONSLAYER, Jasper Fforde, October 2 2012: Jasper Fffffffforde you guyyyyyyys. this book is not long enough, there is So Much More i need to know about this world in which marzipan is a drug (but also government manufactured?) and spells are written in code (ARAMAIC is a coding language?!?) and also can someone please send me a quarkbeast for a pet immediately plz k thx bye. but after i got over mourning that it was Way Too Short For All The Ideas Please I Need More, i enjoyed it thoroughly.

read ’em later

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