read ’em now

BRING UP THE BODIES, Hilary Mantel: it’s been years since i read WOLF HALL, so i was prepared for this to take a while to get moving, to have trouble getting into the voice — nope, nope, nope. instantly awesome and utterly captivating. cannot wait for number three.

THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS, NK Jemisin: yeah i’m a little obsessed. KILLING MOON was so good! this is the first book in her earlier trilogy; dark, sexy, fun, great female characters. reminds me why i love epic fantasy (especially when it’s not Medieval England epic fantasy)

LIBERATION, Brian Francis Slattery: reread for WORD book group; still freaking awesome. economic apocalypse meets Leverage! what’s not to love?

AURORARAMA, Jean-Christophe Valtat: newly out in paperback, the sequel (LUMINOUS CHAOS) is coming out in October. politics and drugs and drawing rooms in the Arctic, plus a zeppelin full of anarchists. weirdly satisfying.

THE LIKENESS, Tana French: i am late to the Tana French bandwagon, but guys. procedural mysteries that are so much better than that sounds. Ireland! undercover agents! Cassie from IN THE WOODS!

THE KILLING MOON, NK Jemisin: i mentioned already that i was obsessed, right? ninja-priests and dream magic and politics and fascinating cultures and i love this book.


read ’em now

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