read ’em later

please to note: these books are not out yet (or for a while, in some cases), get excited at your own risk.

Y, Marie Celona, January 8 2013: i don’t think it’s much of a secret that coming-of-age stories are not my favorite thing. they’re not a pet peeve or anything, i just tend not to love the formula — with exceptions like WE THE ANIMALS which is freaking amazing. add Y to the list of ones i did like; it’s the story of a girl shuttling between foster homes, trying to figure out what makes a family, looking for (and finding) her real parents, and coming to terms with all that shit. in other words, it’s got all your standard ingredients, but the cake that they make is … ok worst metaphor ever, stopping now. it’s a jangly, rough, jagged book, and i read it pretty much in one big gulp.

LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT, Elena Passarello, October 1 2012: the stoic wonderali not only did not hate me for simultaneously reading this, interrupting her reading to tell her things, and then googling (and making her listen to) sounds/songs mentioned in this aaaamaaaaaazing essay collection, but she watched pretty much all of a lengthy Wilhelm Scream video with me. roommate medal of honor goes to! read this with a sound library and/or the internet close to hand, and enjoy.

ALIF THE UNSEEN, G Willow Wilson, July 1 2012: more formal review coming, but suffice to say this book pushes a bunch of my buttons: Arab literature/culture/mysticism, computer programming, oddball characters, political commentary, hijinks, redemption.

LAURA LAMONT’S LIFE IN PICTURES, Emma Straub, September 4 2012: an incredibly satisfying read. from Elsa Emerson to Laura Lamont, Wisconsin girl to silver screen star, the always-entertaining and talented Emma Straub chronicles a woman’s life in Hollywood full of tinsel and glamour and also drugs and people being fucked up, but CLASSY, Y’ALL.

read ’em later

2 thoughts on “read ’em later

  1. Terry says:

    l am really looking forward to Emma Straub’s book.

    Question: I work not far from Book Court. Is it gauche to buy Emma Straub’s book from . . . Emma Straub? Is that the literary equivalent of wearing a band’s t-shirt to their concert? What is the etiquette on this?

  2. in fact, there is pretty much nothing that makes authors-who-work-in-bookstores happier than selling someone their book. (especially if they don’t have to convince you to buy it.) bonus: she can sign it for you! also BookCourt will most certainly be having a launch party for her, altho it is not on their calendar yet, and those are always fun.

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