SWORD STONE TABLE Island Scavenger Hunt

Are we still doing Animal Crossing: New Horizons book launches? Because I just couldn’t resist giving my island a makeover in honor of SWORD STONE TABLE.

Head out on this scavenger hunt via the Dreams feature and enjoy! If you’re feeling ambitious, find all seven tableaux inspired by some of the collection’s stories, take photos, and post them online with the hashtag #SwordStoneTable. We’ll randomly pick one winner from those who completed the hunt to receive a copy signed by Swapna and I, and you’ll get one of our amazing “Camelot or Bust” stickers! We’ll pick the winner on Friday, July 16th, at around 4pm Eastern, so you have some time.

  1. everyone is welcome at this round table!
  2. head here for a flat white or chai
    “Flat White” by Jessica Plummer
    “Once (Them) & Future (Us)” by Preeti Chhibber
  3. the Merlion is on loan from Singapore! check the docks
    “The Quay Stone” by S. Zainab Williams
  4. the tourney field awaits you; choose your colors!
    “How, after Long Fighting…” by Daniel M. Lavery
  5. Nia was here, and Merlin is still here … somewhere
    “I Being Young and Foolish” by Nisi Shawl
  6. blast off! grab your suit, next stop: Mars
    “Little Green Men” by Alexander Chee
  7. there’s a beach with a vacation lewk waiting for you
    Disney’s Sword In The Stone (“Blow me to Bermuda!”)

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